Article Roundup for September

News and headlines on the travel and hospitality industry.

Survey: 71 Percent of Travelers Look to Video for Vacation Ideas (Skift & Travel Channel) . . . Today's travel audiences use multiple resources — online, video, print, social media — to collect information on their next or future travel destinations.  In November 2014, Travel Channel completed an ethnography study with U30 Research, For Love of Travel, to understand how network viewers as well as travel enthusiasts more broadly use, and connect emotionally with, video in their travel-related research and planning. MORE

Infographic: Business travel soaring, highly profitable (from TravelPulse) . . . Americans will take more than 490 million business trips by the end of 2015. Business trips will account for 16 percent of long-distance travel by Americans, while contributing $310 billion to the national gross domestic product.  MORE

20 charts showing surprising trends in global last-minute travel (Skift) . . . People's lives and schedules are often unpredictable, and in many cases, the days of planning travel several months in advance are long gone. Last-minute travel is the only way for some travelers to take a vacation or short getaway, but their searches on booking sites don't always match up with what they actually end up booking in terms of destinations, party sizes and length of trip.  MORE
Why travel needs to embrace cross-device marketing (Tnooz) . . . The way we advertise to and engage with consumers has changed dramatically thanks to the explosion of mobile. Today's travelers use multiple devices to plan their trips, research new destinations, buy travel packages and then stay up-to-date while on-the-go.  MORE

Travel marketers rise and shine — 1 in 6 minutes (awake) spent online (Tnooz) . . . Not strictly speaking travel technology but Internet Advertising Bureau figures are pertinent to the industry as they show amount of time spent online and what people are doing. The IAB and online measurement standards body UKOM say two hours and 51 minutes is the "definitive" time people actively spend online.  MORE

What factors are most important to travellers when reading web reviews? (tnooz) . . . An eye-tracking study of hotel search behaviour has revealed the attributes at the heart of decision making by leisure and busienss travellers. MORE