Article Roundup for August

News and headlines on the travel and hospitality industry.


Biz travel spending and trip length on the rise (Travel Weekly) . . . Business travelers are spending more per trip and traveling for longer periods of time than they were a year ago, a Travel Leaders Corporate analysis of its clients' activities shows. MORE

It's time for the Uber of air travel (Washington Post) . . . Airbnb changed the hotel industry. Uber changed ground transportation. So why can't the same change happen for air travel? MORE

The internet of things gives the travel industry a chance to innovate (tnooz) . . . The Internet of Things (IoT), a network of connected objects and devices, is poised to unleash a new torrent of innovation – if we give ourselves permission to make it happen. MORE

26 Creative Tips and Tools for Social Media Marketers ( . . . Are you a busy social media marketer? Do you want better tools and tips to simplify your job? Looking for ways to increase your visibility or productivity?  In this article you'll discover the best tips and tools shared on the Social Media Marketing podcast so far this year. MORE